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Stylish Women’s Shoes Curated For The Fashionista In You

Women’s footwear have come a long way. What were once a pair of plain leather contraptions have now become high-heeled and glamorous. Today, you can choose from a diverse collection of heels, shoes, slippers, loafers, and ballerinas based on your wear and tear needs.

Redtag houses an impressive collection of women’s shoes online. With multiple colours, new designs, and pretty patterns, it will be hard not to splurge!

Redtag’s Collection of Women’s Shoes

Redtag understands comfort-based fashion and has curated a beautiful selection of women's shoes online to match different sensibilities and trends. Listed below are a few categories and styles of women’s shoes online:

1. Casual Sandals – Among the most widely worn women’s footwear across the world, sandals are ideal for daily wear. Available in various colours, featuring elegant cuts and simple designs, casual sandals can be paired with any attire and still make an outfit look amazing!

2. Casual Shoes – These comfortable women’s footwear are best suited for outdoors, especially when there is plenty of walking involved. Ballerinas and loafers are among the more preferred casual shoes as they match with all kinds of outfits. So whether you are dressed in jeans or a maxi dress, you can never go wrong with these.

3. Flip Flops – A definite must-have in all wardrobes, these flats are great for indoor wear or a day on the beach. Slip them on or remove them with ease and carry them around while travelling.

4. Boots – Boots conjure up an image of intense style and are integral to winter fashion. However, if you are stepping out for a night out, then boots are a safe option as they are versatile and can add to the glam factor of a party outfit.

5. Sneakers – For the best walking shoes for women, look no further than women’s sneakers. Take your pick from among multi-colour lace-up sneakers or go for the more classy black quilted lace-up look, these shoes are ideal for use when there is a lot of activity involved, and you need to keep them on for hours together.

6. Heels – Heels are the ultimate party accessory, and they are also among the trendiest women’s shoes ever. Team them up with skirts, pants, dresses, or traditional outfits, the safest option for all!

7. Slippers – Best suited for home-wear, women’s slippers come in plush fabrics that keep your feet warm and snug. Keep them around your home for added comfort while chilling.

Must-Have Trends in Women’s Shoes

Fashion trends in women’s shoes change quite rapidly, but comfort and style are defining elements that affect what stays and what does not. Here are a few interesting trends to look out for that will influence your buys:

1. Black and White Cowboy Boots - Make an incredible fashion statement by pairing your regular outfits in block designs of black and white cowboy boots.

2. Classic Straight Leg Boots - Make heads turn with these classic boots that can be styled with midi dresses or jeans that are every bit as comfortable as chic.

3. Heeled Mules - Mules are quite cosy in themselves, but kitten-heeled ones are a whole different ball game altogether.

4. White Sneakers - The ubiquitous classic white sneakers have been a favourite among fashionistas globally. The style is versatile, great for the outdoors, and is clearly here to stay!

Shop for Women’s Shoes Online

A native UAE Arabian brand, Redtag has a refreshingly new collection of women’s shoes and footwear. The affordable pricing, stylish collections, and sheer variety go a long way in making it a favourite online shopping destination for many. Secure payments, hassle-free deliveries and exchanges, and even cash on-demand facilities are added bonuses. So, log in today and check out the most promising pair of women’s shoes, a fitting treat for yourself!

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