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Home Decor for Beautiful Spaces - Shop Online at Redtag

The right kind of home decor can go a long way in converting a house into your dream home. Shop for home decor online at Redtag and browse through the myriad collections of artefacts to transform your living space. Whether you want home accessories to customise your walls or a centrepiece for your coffee table, you can choose from an array of items to add a splash of colour to your home. Check out our offerings below.

A Treasure Trove of Home Accessories

Breathe life into your home interiors with some stunning home decor items. Check out Redtag’s range of home decoration items that are functional yet trendy:

1. Frames and mirrors - Pretty frames as wall hangings are a huge hit among people with a penchant for art. Combined with embellished ornamental mirrors, these wall frames will be ideal home accessories to accent your walls.

2. Candles - There is nothing like aromatherapy to take the edge off of a long workday. Redtag has different variants and sizes of candles that can infuse freshness into your home.

3. Vase - Spruce up the corners of your home by placing vases with flowers in strategic locations. Available in metallic, ceramic, and glass designs, these vases make for great home decor gifts.

4. Wall Clock - Take your pick among the several wall clocks that come in elegant designs and colours ranging from copper to black. Adding a contemporary wall clock with soft lighting can turn a plain wall into a picturesque background.

5. Artificial Plants - Convert your balconies, window sills, or foyers into a green patch by accessorising it with artificial plants in unique planter sets. Artificial plants as home decor items can brighten up small nooks and add a Boho vibe to larger spaces.

Home Decor Trends That Rule This Year

When it comes to home decor, there are a plethora of personalization options to choose from. Here are some trends that dominate the market this season:

1. Minimalism to continue - A lot of homeowners are realizing that space is of the essence and are choosing fewer minimalistic style home decor elements for their interiors.

2. Earthy textures are in vogue - Sustainable and recyclable home decor items are on the rise and homeowners can experiment with monochromes to create warm and cosy spaces. Opt for home accessories made of wood, bamboo, jute, ceramics, or clay for a calming environment in homes.

3. Green spaces are timeless - Indoor plants in all sizes and shapes continue to make a style statement as they look pretty and create a soothing environment inside homes. Bring in quirky and fun planters as home decorations for a natural and relaxed stay.

Buy Home Decor Online at Redtag

Unwind and rejuvenate in the comfort of your living room with the best collection of home decor items sourced online from Redtag. With benefits ranging from cash on delivery to secure payments and anytime exchanges, Redtag is one of the leading brands for fashion and home decor online shopping in UAE. So, sign up now and shop all your favourite home decor items online at Redtag.

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