Your Travel Essentials Guide in 2024

If you’re planning to travel for a summer vacation, then you must start planning and preparing a packing list and travel necessities to have the best family summer holiday and spend the most amazing time at the beach.

Read below for your travel essentials guide in 2024.


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Travel Must Haves

There are many things you can’t miss out on whenever you’re planning to travel, like travel essentials for women, men and kids.

Here are examples of the best travel essentials:


Luggage & Travel Bags

Obviously, travel bags are considered the first thing you should think of when planning your next vacation. But you might ask: What is the best type of bag to travel with?

You can choose a travel bag that is made from high-quality materials but also lightweight, to make it easier to carry it around in the airport with you.

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Neck Pillows

 Neck pillows will help make your travel experience a fun, stress-free journey and provide good- sleep for long flights.

What type of pillow is best for neck?

Choose a firm and soft pillow that will support your neck for a long time. Choose from this curated collection of neck pillows from Redtag, it’s known for its softness and high-quality materials.

This collection has the best travel pillow for long flights and is your ultimate travel companion. Whether you’re travelling in a plane or driving for long hours, spoil yourself and get one!

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Travel Toiletry Bottles

Travel Toiletry Bottles

Are travel bottles worth it?

Yes, definitely. Travel toiletry bottles are a must-have in your bags. They are great for carrying shampoo, conditioner, and skin care products everywhere, and also will free up some space in your bag, making room for your clothes.

These travel containers are practical, as you can use them with a few pumps and refill them whenever you need them.

They are leakproof, versatile, easy to fill, lightweight and compact.

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Water Bottles

 Water bottles are considered an essential accessory to have with you when travelling. They keep you hydrated during your adventures and explore new places.

These bottles come in different shapes and designs, like mugs with covers you can use them when going to work or even driving for long hours.

 You should also get kids’ water bottles that are leakproof, and easy to carry to keep them company during their adventures. Explore this collection where you can find a water bottle with straw embellished with your kids’ favourite characters, like Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Spiderman, Batman, Frozen and more.

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Travel In Summer

As summer approaches, you may start thinking about going to different and diverse destinations.

Therefore, you must collect supplies that guarantee you an enjoyable summer travel experience without stress or fatigue, the most important of which are: sunscreen, sunglasses, and moisturisers to maintain healthy skin during hot days.

Don't forget to also wear light, comfortable clothes to help you go through your adventures, and summer hats to protect your head from the sun's rays.


Cosmetics are travel essentials for women to bring when travelling to maintain a healthy and radiant appearance all the time. Get a light foundation for a natural coverage and glowy skin. You can also get lipstick in light shades and waterproof mascaras.

One of the most important cosmetics that you must own is a setting spray, that will protect your makeup through the hottest days.

clothes, camera, watch, camera, belt and a bag

Pack an Organized Suitcase

   Organizing your suitcase makes a positive difference in your travel experience and makes it smoother and more enjoyable.

How to arrange things in a travel bag?

  1. Planning
  2. Organizing clothes
  3. Packing the correct way
  4. Have your passport, tickets and ID on hand in a small bag
  5. Fold clothes that fit your bag’s space
  6. Use pockets and small spaces

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