How to Do the Aśoka Makeup Look

You have probably heard the “San Sanana” song all over TikTok and Instagram reels for weeks now with beauty influencers lip-syncing and transitioning to this sound, and I know that this song slaps and I have memorised it even without knowing the actual lyrics!


This trend came from the song “San Sanana” from the 2001 Bollywood film movie Aśoka with Shah Rukh Khan and Kareena Kapoor as lead actors. With 685.1 Million views and over 28.4 Million likes, here’s a breakdown of how to do the Aśoka makeup look to get you started and hop on the trend with billions of others:


indian trendy makeup look


Start With The Basic:

  • You need to start with a very simple makeup base. Apply your primer, foundation and concealer and set it with powder using a beauty blender.
  • Use your favourite eyeshadow palate with your favourite colours to create a smokey makeup look. We suggest using brown and earthy colours and outlining the corner of your eyes with darker colours.


  • Asoka Makeup tiktok

Next, We need to add Aśoka’s Markings:

Here, your creativity side’s time to shine:     

  • Add detailed design inspired by the movie scene. You can add black eyeliner and with the same pencil, draw markings and geometric patterns next to the corner of your eyes, on your forehead and on your shoulders to depict the ancient Indian makeup style.

Extra Touches:

  • Add a black mascara or false lashes for a dramatic effect.
  • You can add whatever lipstick colour you prefer, I suggest applying something that matches your Indian attire.

Pro Tip: Use a setting spray during the process so it can last hours, so you can transition to the final #asokamakeup look.


indian look makeup

Find Inspirations:

Search on TikTok for #AhsokaMakeup or #AhsokaTanoMakeup. There are tons of tutorials and behind-the-scenes to guide you on how to start your next viral video.


Don’t worry if it took hours to get your transition video done but trust me it’s worth it once you see the final result.

A Thailand influencer wrote about her attempt at this trend:

“This is my best version of ’Asoka Makeup Trend‘ 🇹🇭. Because this is the video that took me the most time to film in my life. We spent 8.5 hours on it. I hope you all enjoyed your watching.”



Watch the most viewed on TikTok on her attempt on #asokamakeup look

@jharnabhagwani Here’s my version of the #Asoka trend! 🫣♥️ Hope you guys like it 🥰 #jharnabhagwani #makeuptransition ♬ original sound - jharna bhagwani

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 Disclaimer: These Images are for Illustrative Purposes Only!